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Ajay Aggarwal, Founder – Accosoft (India)

Ajay Aggarwal is an experienced digital marketing consultant and has over 25 years of experience in this area. He has gained opportunity to work on different aspects of project that includes strategy, management and planning that overall completes his production. He is a pioneer in this industry and in his portfolio he has collected numerous projects that diversify in different aspects like software, business, online shopping, astrology, education, fashion, real estate, beauty products and many more.
He is the founder and CEO of Accosoft (India), that provides best e-biz services and solutions in the market. He is an expert in different facets of digital Marketing like Affiliate marketing, Email marketing, Pay Per Click (PPC), Social Media Management (SMM), Social Media Optimization (SMO) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). He believes that the knowledge should be widespread to the millions of students that could acquire the skills as per the industry demand which will help them in securing a job in this area.
He as Director at IoDMT wants to help students and apprentices to mass comprehensive professional certification that is recognized globally in the market. This program is flagship program that harness the best out of digital media revolution for growing career in future. His aim is to increase the employ-ability levels of students by sharing is knowledge. He is based at Chandigarh and loves to share career opportunities in Digital Marketing and its future in various industries.


Arun Kumar, Director and COO – MD Infomatics

Arun works closely with IoDMT to help Students, startups and businesses with proficient online marketing strategies. He has over 6 years of Industry Experience and an alumnus of IIT Kanpur and PEC. As a Director and COO, he ensures that every diminutive niceties of training program strategies are taught which will help students to be more employable. He has added some of the embracing features in the training programs that are implausible and helps in engaging more tactics to the students than anyone else.
Arun Kumar is also founder and CEO of MD Infomatics a Digital marketing and development Company that strictly adheres to Web & Application development and Product Re-engineering. He liaises with each member to assist him in upcoming strategies. He has a vast experience in this arena and has capability to uphold any project in diverse technological sectors. He has attained international experience in Digital marketing that has inspired him to widespread this knowledge by implementing digital campaigns at IoDMT. His vision is to equip leaders of tomorrow for transformation in global organizations and market.

Prior to this, he has worked with world’s biggest FMCG organization as a functional consultant in SAP CRM for two years. He has a diverse Cross industry and global experience not limited to Banking and Financial services, Travel and tourism, Consulting, ERP, FMCG and manufacturing. He is an Engineer at heart and currently stays in Chandigarh with his family.