This email marketing training course offers a solid foundation for understanding how to deliver high-impact permission-based email marketing campaigns that get results.

Individuals on this email marketing training course will learn how to grow opt-in databases, craft highly-targeted and personalised direct email marketing campaigns to drive ROI, and understand why email marketing is such an important channel in a digital marketer’s arsenal.

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Course Objectives

On completion of this email marketing training course, an individual will be able to

  • Deliver an effective email marketing campaign from planning through to delivery
  • Grow an opt-in list that maintains interest and drives revenue
  • Understand why design, build and content can make or break your ROI
  • Have the confidence to try advanced methods to grow a cost-effective, high impact email marketing strategy

Email Marketing Training Course Content

What is email marketing?

•    The HTML vs Text email debate
•    Why dialogue is so important

Before the inbox – SPAM and permission-based marketing
•    Factors affecting deliverability
•    Legislation to be aware of, including CANSPAM
•    Best practices for avoiding junk filters

Starting the dialogue – building and maintaining an opt-in list
•    Opt-in marketing 101
•    Subscription tactics for your site
•    Segmentation & targeting

In the inbox – crafting your campaign for ROI
•    Planning your campaign – goals and objectives, acquisition vs. retention
•    Know your audience
•    Getting the frequency right
•    Subject lines & From fields
•    Making it personal using dynamic content and wildcards
•    Email’s next generation – mobile devices, rich media, the iPad

Designing your email – HTML design basics & tips
•    Test, test, test
•    Best practices
•    Importance of the text version    Tracking your campaign

Real-world examples and best practices
•    Great examples of multichannel email campaigns
•    Great examples of bulletproof email design

Advanced email marketing methods
•    Intro to A/B testing
•    Use of landing pages for super-targeting
•    Social media and email

Email Marketing tools to use
•    Tools to use for designing, testing and delivering your campaigns

Email Marketing Resources worth reading
•    Resources to bookmark and frequent for email marketing best practices, tips, tricks and news

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