Institute of Digital Marketing & Technology is an initiative of Accosoft (India), a Domain Registration, Web Hosting and Internet Marketing Company.

About the Venture: 

Ajay Aggarwal : Founder

Institute of Digital Marketing & Technology is a unit of Accosoft (India) started in 2004 with a aim to turn knowledge into value  for the benefit of clients. “Our team is our strength” our team is a group of highly focused and committed professionals. They seek to provide an innovative solution to complex eBiz challenges and strives to exceed client expectations by offering cutting-edge expertise. Our team aspires to be nothing but the BEST. Over the years Accosoft (India) has evolved into a group with interest in Domain Registration, Web Hosting and parallel Education services.

Our Objectives

  • To transform our knowledge and competence into competitive advantage for our clients.
  • To offer quality services with integrity, expertise and professionalism.
  • To offer personalized services that take into account all the relevant details and the particular requirements of the clients.
  • To enable clients to make sound informed decisions.
  • To offer services that enhances the prospects in the client’s areas of operation.


We specialize in providing cost effective solutions and services in the following areas :

Business Development

  • E-Business Development/ E-Marketing;
  • Website Development & Designing;
  • Linux & Windows web hosting;
  • Domain Registration;
  • e-Brochure Development & Designing;
  • Adword PPC Online Marketing;
  • Mailing Solutions/ Mail Campaigning;

Educational/  Trainings

  • Admission Co-ordination & Counseling;
  • Search Engine Optimization and
  • Digital Marketing / Internet Marketing Training Programs;

Today, the most exciting innovations and thinking in marketing are happening through the digital medium. At a time of uncertainty in the global economy, now is the time to develop skill sets and qualifications in a field that is truly recession proof. The Institute of Digital Marketing offers the most widely recognized professional qualifications in Digital Marketing available anywhere.

Recognised as the leading industry body within the field of digital marketing, the Institute of Digital Marketing & Technology is providing the most relevant, up-to-date and valuable education and qualifications in digital marketing across the world.

We look forward to welcoming you to the exciting world of digital marketing.

Our Mission

The Institute of Digital Marketing & Technology is dedicated to educating professionals in the field of Digital Marketing to ensure career growth and competitiveness in a global jobs market.

Here’s how we think that we can help you achieve this:

  • We provide quality, timely and relevant training in Digital Marketing to individuals and organisations through Digital Marketing Experts
  • We build knowledge and skills in Digital Marketing through industry based expert-led training programs for all levels of experience
  • We connect Digital Marketing Professionals with aspiring Digital Marketers
  • We help YOU make sense of Digital Marketing


Why Study With Us

Our programs have been developed by leading practitioners and are supported by the global digital marketing industry.  Our focus is on providing our students with the skills, knowledge and professional certification that will allow them to build an outstanding career in this fast growing and exciting industry.

Our innovative and unique leading edge syllabus allows you to gain key transferable skills and competencies aligned to real industry career paths, meaning your qualification is border less, business focused and established as the industry standard international qualification in digital marketing.  Not only will you increase your technical ability by undertaking the Institute of Digital Marketing & Technology Program, but you will also develop your professional capacity which increases your employbility, leads to career acceleration and boost your earning potential.

Institute of Digital Marketing & Technology Quality Standards

The Institute of Digital Marketing & Technology ensures high quality standards across the globe

Certified program enable students to successfully progress through the programs and exams to ensure participants achieve full professional diploma of the Institute of Digital Marketing & Technology.

The Institute of Digital Marketing & Technology sets out quality standards to:

help participants get the maximum benefit from the qualification

  • plan, monitor and improve training programs against established  benchmarks
  • benefit from the independent assessment

The Institute of Digital Marketing & Technology quality culture extends from executive and management activities through to teaching, learning and assessment.

Quality Board

Consists of senior IoDM industry professionals and is lead by the Chief Executive Officer to set and review quality metrics across Institute’s programs ensuring:

  • Approval of Syllabus updates
  • New Program evaluation prior to submission to the awarding body
  • Learning Integrity of Programs
  • Take corrective action in the case of any identified area of deficiency


Building The Global Digital World